Utah’s Newest Shooting Range

Welcome to The Armory–Utah’s most specialized gun range! We feature some of the most technologically advanced, custom ranges in the state. With 18 lanes, we have one of the largest shooting ranges in the state, one designed for rifle shooting, another designed for pistol shooting and tactical training. At The Armory, our facility and firearm training programs are designed with your personal safety and enjoyment in mind. Whether you’re a beginner shooter or an experienced marksman, our in depth training, highly experienced instructors, and custom designed facility will get you where you want to be in your firearms training. Come and experience the newest shooting range in the state.

Expert Staff & Comprehensive Training

With one of the most advanced shooting ranges in the state, quality training and expert staff are a must. The Armory features both of these in spades. Our instructors are highly trained, NRA certified, former law enforcement and military personnel with decades of tactical firearm experience. Our training programs are a reflection of this professional experience and aim to instill detailed knowledge of personal firearm safety, basic to advanced shooting, and specialized tactical weapon skills. We also offer a variety of firearm certifications. We’ve sought to distinguish ourselves not only through the sophistication of our facility, but through the quality of our training and staff. We’re sure you’ll agree that The Armory offers a friendly, safe, professional, and overall unique range experience.